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  • A Boat Load of Fun Coming
    Scandinavia is not that big, so it's fairly easy to move around from country to country by train. I am already in Stockholm and ready to take the ferry to Helsinki. It's b
  • On My Way
    Well, incredibly enough countries like Russia give a lot of power to those who have money. So as I was pretty late for applying the Russian visa, all I had to do is pay a
  • Buying Train Tickets to Russia
    Now my words have been put to a physical existance. This time, in the form of a train ticket. With the help of my Russian friend I have bought tickets to the "Trans-Siberi
  • My Decision
    Hello everyone. I wanted to announce that I have finally made a decision on what I am going to do. It's not an answer itself, but it's part of the answer. I am going to tr
  • Doing Something With My Life
    When I was thinking about which name I should choose for my blog.. somehow the title "do something with your life" was the only thing that would surface in my thoughts. It

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