Ready to Hop on The Train Moscow

08 07 14 - 07:23

Wow. The site has been amazing and I've met the most amazing people on the way already. It really makes a trip when you can chat the locals. Finland was fun. Travelin from Helsinki to Moscow was an extraordinary experience. As you know, Finland is a very organized country just as Norway. So you obey the speed limit and such things. But there is one place in the center of the city, where everything changes.

There is a bunch of Russians, holding Russian signs next to different kinds of buses in the city center. No ordinary Finn would ever hop on one of these busses. All of them, are heading to different parts of Russia. Mostly St. Petersburg and Moscow. There are a few kinds, smaller mini buses that are a little bit more expensive, and go directly to Russia. Also there are bigger busses that are dirty cheap, but stop on the way to various shopping malls where Russians do their last minute shopping. I took the small mini buss, which cost me 20euros. While on the high-end of the selection, still classified as rediculously cheap.

The funny part is when you cross the Russian border and the car starts speeding like hel. In fact, we were stopped on the way by the policie. But seems the little fine was worth it, running up and down this route.

Now I am finally in Moscow and it's time to hop on the train, exited!!!


A Boat Load of Fun Coming

03 07 14 - 17:12

Scandinavia is not that big, so it's fairly easy to move around from country to country by train. I am already in Stockholm and ready to take the ferry to Helsinki. It's been years since I took this crazy love boat to Finland. I don't know if it's going to be like last time, but the atmosphere is quite crazy there. Not too many travelers, more like a boat full of drunk Finns. Scary stuff!

The train trip through Norway and Stockholm was more than relaxing. I always carry one book when I travel, and when it's finished I have a mission to give it to someone who wants it. As well as find a new book to read. This time I am reading a book about backpacking. It's a good read, but I wouldn't recommend it so I won't mention the title here.

I just cant wait to get someplace more exotic and something I am not used to. The boat to Finland will definitely be the first of "exotic experiences" on this trip. Haha. See you guys!!


On My Way

02 07 14 - 03:46

Well, incredibly enough countries like Russia give a lot of power to those who have money. So as I was pretty late for applying the Russian visa, all I had to do is pay a few extra bucks and I my passport is now equipped with a valid Russian visa. I know it's not cool to spend too much on extra stuff even though you have the money. But sometimes you need to make exceptions. In the future I will try to plan more ahead.

So it's off I go, on my way. Bags are packed and I am taking a train towards Stockholm. From There I will jump on a ferry to Helsinki, Finland. Don't worry mum, I'll take care <3