Buying Train Tickets to Russia

30 06 14 - 15:48

Now my words have been put to a physical existance. This time, in the form of a train ticket. With the help of my Russian friend I have bought tickets to the "Trans-Siberian Railway" which is a train that takes you from Moscow to Beijing. Of course I will make a few stops in between, but the whole journey itself takes a little over a week. Now, that's quite the distance.

I am also in the process of applying for a Russian VISA. It should come anytime soon, as all you need is to have the bucks and your passport is sorted. The train tickets are awfully expensive if you buy them from a travel agency, but if you get them directly from the Russian railway website.. they are much much cheaper. In total 200 dollars. Now that's cheap for more than a week in a train I said. But then I found out that it used to be half from that before, OMG!

Now there is no turning back and I am getting ready to hop on a train. My luggage will be small as possible so I can be free and enjoy not my obsessions but all the new exiting things that will surround me.

Wish me luck.


My Decision

29 06 14 - 08:43

Hello everyone. I wanted to announce that I have finally made a decision on what I am going to do. It's not an answer itself, but it's part of the answer. I am going to travel to China through Russia by train. Sounds incredible? I think so too! I will take the path of adventure, without a return ticket. Flights are boring, I will go with a little bag and open mind. I have no idea what I am going to do, or what I will find but that's the whole point anyway.

China here I come!


Doing Something With My Life

24 06 14 - 11:30

When I was thinking about which name I should choose for my blog.. somehow the title "do something with your life" was the only thing that would surface in my thoughts. It sounded a bit long, but since it pretty much has been the main topic of my recent existance.. seems there is no other choice but to choose that name.

Anyway, to explain a bit about my background, I am a Norweigan national. I have received a life-time pension, because I have proven to be unfit for work. I have no serious dissabilities, or neither mental illness. The reasons to actually why I received such a status are quite private, at least for the moment. I might reveal some of those details in the future.

However, the Norweigan government is paying me huge money just to be without working. It is so much, that I can travel around the world and do pretty much whatever I want. Yes, for the rest of my life. While many would think this is a dream, it hasn't been as perfect as I thought it would end up being.

Before I was more occupied with work and figuring out how to juggle through this world. Until now, all this has suddenly been resolved moneywise. What's left is the question of what I truly want to do in life. Most importantly, what is it in life that I should do in order to feel that I have really lived, did something worth the life that I have been given.

It's a tough question. I am both happy that I ended up in this situation, but understand that there are many challenges a head of me. I truly want to do something meaningful. Helping people for sure isn't easy.

For now, I have decided to start traveling. Perhaps I will find something on the road. Don't you think so?

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