Doing SSL Privacy Protection with Server Name Indication

27 09 15 - 03:51

'll be talking more about what SNI, or "Server Name Indication" actually is later in the post. But first let me go through some of my recent thoughts and happenings to get started. Thanks for reading!

While finding stuff to do in life I have found that it's not really that what we are lacking off. In fact, it's more of a situation where there are too many things to do at the end of the day. That's why I like to look for different solutions to things and be aware of what I am doing. Going ahead in life in passion has become such a sweet spot that I just might never give it up. Especially on the road and traveling, you need to focus on what's important. Otherwise everything just passes by without that valuable experience, known as tripping! So one of my many voyages ended up in a curious situation as I became increasingly aware of internet privacy. Or actually the lack of it. I have very much China to thank for this realization because there things are just a bit different. If you didn't know for example, the government is following what people write on the internet very intentively. So it's a pretty good idea to watch your back so that no one is going to think anything wrong about you.

Yes, it doesn't even matter if you didn't do something wrong there is always a danger with the fact that everything that you type on your computer gets logged somewhere. Now many of us know about VPN technology and other wacky ways to become anonymous on the internet. But as a blog keeper, or an owner of any website pretty much there are certain responsabilities. That is to help protect the privacy of website visitors using SSL certificates. Now many of us are pretty much familiar with this, especially with all the payments that are being made online. If a payment page is not protected with SSL then it's pretty crazy to even insert your credit card details. But it shouldn't just limit to these kinds of shopping websites like for example. Instead, I think even ordinary bloggers should hop in and start supporting the privacy movement on the internet!

That's why I came up with this great solution to have it all for a very low cost indeed, by using what is known as Server Name Indication or in short "SNI". This is a way to have a page SSL protected for a very low cost because you don't need a privay IP address. Traditionally all the solutions were very costly, but finaly there is an answer. I am still kind of getting into it, but hope to engage in this newly discovered method in the near future. But just knowing that there is an affordable answer is a fantastic thing indeed!!!

If you want to get into SNI and know more about cheap website protection, then check out the superb link above.

Janus L.