Brush Up Day Happy Valley Day

08 10 14 - 08:19

As you should know already, I am right now in Beijing. I have no idea for how long, I never even itended to stay here for so long. But either way, I am loving it and staying. I know the day will come when I move on, but that is not relevant. What is relevant, is the here and now. My enjoynment in this moment.

Perhaps something that I have learned, especially being here in China. Is that, everything is connected. Everything has a reason of why they happen, an outcome which is connected to not just all the people but things as well. Afterall, the material is created by people. None of it would exist, if we would not.

But then there is the third level, which are things that are natural. Those things are here, even if we are not. And it is the origin of everything that is. So in a sense, that is only very much connected as well. We are one they say, I say. "we are connected". Just like the Nokia commercial. Heh, heh.

Anyway, perhaps I felt a little bit extra inspired today after going to the Happy Valley in Beijing. Not only did I brush up and clean the blog a little bit. But also, I started thinking. Yes, once again I was in for the unexpected and went for a "fun innocent day" at the happy valley. Things turned out a little different, as usual.

I bumped into what is known as the "OCT Theatre", which is a place that has been built with money. You can see that from the grand display both outside and the interior which is stunning. Stage is top notch, something I haven't seen so much in Beijing. Well anyway, this show was with no speech. It was only scene after scene, of people dancing, doing coreography, amazing waterfall scene. Lots of things where happening, but just because they were not speaking you were really sucked into this magical world.

The show is based on the Golden Mask Dynasty. I don't know if that is real or not, but it felt more real than ever. I was subdued, I felt enlightened. Because everything was done in such high and precice coreography, that not only the performers were united in one. But especially the audience. I was not watching it alone. I was experiencing the Golden Dynasty together with the whole audience and stage crew.

It's hard to understand before you experience it. But all I can say, that Beijing is full of magical things to experience. And often they are the unexpected. I could not say the same good about the Happy Valley, which was just an ordinary (but impressively big) amusement park. I can understand it's fun for families.. but for me the show was the best exprience of today. And I have been buzzing ever since! Hope it last's :)

See you my friends,

Janus Liou