A Trip to Beijing, China & a Show of Acrobatics

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It's been a good couple of weeks so I thought that I would do a little explaining of what has happened so far. Actually it's been more than that, but during traveling you really loose the track of time and often enough.. the last thing on your mind is blogging! However, I always thinking about you guys and especially the family back home. I think I am already so far that it's a state of being right in the middle of my journey. However, this is probably a state that I will be in for a long time to come. I have found comfort in a very non-comforting thing, known as adventure!

Yes, every single day when I wake up.. I have no idea what is going to happen. And yes, I have just recently woken up in the most unlikely of places, China Beijing! It's been a few days here and a treat. As you should know from my previous posts, last time I had access to the internet, it was just before I jumped on a train ride in Moscow. Now that was a ride, a train ride that I will never forget.

Through the land of Russia I visited the most odd and the smallest places in the middle of nowehere. I drank a lot of Vodka and ate some fish. Yes, there was a Russian guy on board who ate nothing but one big fish for the whole duration of a week. For me the diet consistet in all the weirdest thing you could buy from hagglers next to the train. I did a stop over in Mongolia and oh my god. That was so great and the people are just smiling all the time. I think it was contageous because ever since I haven't been able to stop smiling either.

Language barriers can be difficult sometimes, but it is thanks to that smile that I have been able to cross them many times already. Now it's time to test my laughing skills in China and seems to be going very well so far.

I also have to admit that I knew little about Chinese people but I am impressed. You just go to any small business even and you can see how amazingly skillful these people are. Someone told me that if they were born in the same country as me, they would be very lazy and non-motivated. Well, I don't know about that but I know fore sure that the difficulties they have inside a Chinese nation is something that equally thrives them to succeed and fight in life. While I admire this quality in these people so much, there are also the things I don't like for example being too proud and self sentered. And that is I guess the cost of a society that does not promote free thinking.

So yes, there are problems from one side to another. But China is all about putting them behind you, and for example grabbing a bag of popcorn and a ticket to see world famous Beijing acrobatic show that leaves you nothing but hugely impressed! While acrobatics was just one of the great events of my life, and sights in Beijing.. it was most definitely so far the most memorable one. And interestingly enough, I've never even been that fond of acrobatics.. since all we get back in Norway is some circus-like acts that are mainly tilted towards a child audience. But in Beijing, I would be a little cautious to get front row seats to my child! I was right in the middle of the action, and it was definitely enough wild for an adult male such as myself.

Watching the show in Beijing, really made me feel like if these acrobats can do such amazing things, why cant I. Being able to make such incredible feats come true, must be something that makes these people feel contempt. You know, like you that you achieved something in life. For sure, it takes a lifetime to train these things.. and if it's a waste, no one would go to such far lengths to make their dreams come true. Indeed, it must be rewarding and worth the time.. but what it is that I want to do. What dream do I want to make. Perhaps visiting other performing art events in China will give me a glimpse. Meeting people has been very rewarding in seeing how happy people are, but it is simply because they found their thing. My things is watching acrobatics, rather than performing it. Perhaps there is something else, some other ability or feat that I want to show to people around me. It could be, one must venture out and try new things to find out.

Beijing has definitely provided that kind of a stage for me, where I can look at things from a distance.. including myself. The information, abundancy in people and emotions that simply soar through the air is plentiful. It's almost an overload of senses at times. But it's because I am so used to my home country in Norway. In China, things are done different. If I don't like it, I might as well get out of here. Instead I feel like I want to know more even those things that I don't like, because in that way I can discover something about my self.

The acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theatre was just one of the many adventures to be had. Without question, the seed has been planet. The seed to make and do brave things, that I never was before able to. To come this far and travel into the unknown has already been one of those incredible acrobatic achievements!

I love China and Beijing with all the good and bad. And it's really not as black and white as the media might want to give an impression of China. It's actually really happy and nice. Thank you for reading.. and wish me luck in finding my path. Later friends and family!