A Boat Load of Fun Coming

03 07 14 - 17:12 Used tags: , ,

Scandinavia is not that big, so it's fairly easy to move around from country to country by train. I am already in Stockholm and ready to take the ferry to Helsinki. It's been years since I took this crazy love boat to Finland. I don't know if it's going to be like last time, but the atmosphere is quite crazy there. Not too many travelers, more like a boat full of drunk Finns. Scary stuff!

The train trip through Norway and Stockholm was more than relaxing. I always carry one book when I travel, and when it's finished I have a mission to give it to someone who wants it. As well as find a new book to read. This time I am reading a book about backpacking. It's a good read, but I wouldn't recommend it so I won't mention the title here.

I just cant wait to get someplace more exotic and something I am not used to. The boat to Finland will definitely be the first of "exotic experiences" on this trip. Haha. See you guys!!