Doing Something With My Life

24 06 14 - 11:30 Used tags: ,

When I was thinking about which name I should choose for my blog.. somehow the title "do something with your life" was the only thing that would surface in my thoughts. It sounded a bit long, but since it pretty much has been the main topic of my recent existance.. seems there is no other choice but to choose that name.

Anyway, to explain a bit about my background, I am a Norweigan national. I have received a life-time pension, because I have proven to be unfit for work. I have no serious dissabilities, or neither mental illness. The reasons to actually why I received such a status are quite private, at least for the moment. I might reveal some of those details in the future.

However, the Norweigan government is paying me huge money just to be without working. It is so much, that I can travel around the world and do pretty much whatever I want. Yes, for the rest of my life. While many would think this is a dream, it hasn't been as perfect as I thought it would end up being.

Before I was more occupied with work and figuring out how to juggle through this world. Until now, all this has suddenly been resolved moneywise. What's left is the question of what I truly want to do in life. Most importantly, what is it in life that I should do in order to feel that I have really lived, did something worth the life that I have been given.

It's a tough question. I am both happy that I ended up in this situation, but understand that there are many challenges a head of me. I truly want to do something meaningful. Helping people for sure isn't easy.

For now, I have decided to start traveling. Perhaps I will find something on the road. Don't you think so?

Thanks for reading!

Your humble host, 

Janus Liou